Disposal Guidelines

Recycling and Disposal Information

    Poland residents are required to participate in the recycling effort as a means of holding the Town’s waste disposal costs to a minimum. Please know that this madatory program provides improvements in the following areas:

    • Helping to conserve valuable resources.
    • Helping to reduce air, ground, and water pollution by their use of materials where possible rather than disposing of them.
    • Helping to conserve valuable tax dollars.

    Please be sure that your vehicle is identified by a use permit decal, available at the Town Office. The transfer station staff is pleased to assist patrons of the transfer station as necessary, and to answer any questions concerning the use of the area or proper disposal of waste brought to the site. The staff appreciates any assistance by patrons of the transfer station in pre-disposal preparation of materials required.

    Recycling is Mandatory. Poland uses Single Sort Recycling. For more information click here.

    Disposable Materials


    • Dry wall board (NOT SHEETROCK)
    • All plastic-sheets, pails, etc.
    • Insulation – all types
    • All household waste
    • Paint cans up to 1 gal. in size


    • Brush, limbs, shrubs, etc., from Clearing land
    • Wood scrap – 2x4, 2x6, etc., clippings, plywood boards, etc.
    • If you wish to sweep out your truck of saw dust, etc., do it at the wood area. Be courteous to others using the transfer station at the same time you are here.
    • All wooden doors, frames and wooden building debris.


    • Scrap from aluminum windows, metal doors
    • Iron and tin
    • Appliances. Refrigerators and freezer units must have doors removed prior to disposal.

    Please do not dispose of plastic, paint cans or other non-metal items in this area. Whole car or truck bodies are not accepted for disposal at the transfer station. These items should be disposed of at a commercial automotive salvage facility.

    SHEETROCK PILE  - Sheetrock Only.

    COMPOST PILE - All lawn rakings, grass, hay, garden waste. Please do not deposit wood, plastic or trash here.

    CRT / TELEVISIONS - We accept CRT & Television Disposals on the first and third Saturday each month.

    TIRES PILE - not mounted on wheels, are to be taken up on the hill at the transfer station.

    TAR PAPER AND ASPHALT SHINGLES -  ARE NO LONGER ACCEPTED AT THE POLAND TRANSFER STATION. These must now go to Mid Maine Waste Action Corp. (MMWAC) which is located on the Goldthwaite Road, Auburn Maine. (783-8805). This is done at either the owner’s or contractor’s expense.

    STUMPAGE PILE - The Town is not accepting stumpage for disposal on site due to lack of space. Commercial disposal or on-site disposal at the point of origin alternatives are recommended.

    MATTRESSES, STUFFED FURNITURE, AUTOMOTIVE SEATS - Accepted for disposal only if items have been stripped and broken, separating wood, cloth and padding from metal frame. Please see attendant for instructions. Separation must be done prior to bringing materials on site for disposal. Please dispose of fabric and padding at the compactor. Dispose of metal frame or springs at metal pile. Wood should be disposed of at the wood pile site.


    • Tar paper and asphalt shingles.
    • Liquid waste of any kind.
    • Drums, tanks, or pails of any kind containing liquid.
    • Any container marked with a "Hazardous".
    • Waste labeled "Commercial Disposal Required".
    • Asbestos in any form.
    • Whole car or truck bodies.
    • Tar paper and asphalt roofing shingles.