Abatement Process / Forms

Abatement applications must be filed with the Board of Assessors within 185 days from the date of commitment of the tax to which objection is made. 

  • A separate application should be filed for each separately assessed parcel of real estate.
  • Application should be filed in duplicate.

A taxpayer, to be entitled to request an abatement or to appeal from the decision of the local assessors, must have filed a list of his taxable property with the assessors, if properly so notified, in accordance with MRSA Title 36, Sec. 706. If such list has not been filed upon proper notice, such list must be filed with this application, together with a statement as to why the list could not be filed at the proper time.

Written notice of their decision will be given by the assessors to the taxpayer within 10 days after the assessors take final action the the application. If such written notice is not given within 60 days from the date the application is filed, the application should be onsidered as having been denied, and the applicant may appeal as provided by the Statute. The applicant may, in writing, consent to further delay.