Destination Imagination

Do you want your child to be a part of a team?
Would your child love to learn engineering, design and graphic arts? How about effective storytelling and improvisational acting?

Destination Imagination (DI) is a great opportunity for students from Pre-K to Grade 12 to to take on creative challenges as a team. Poland Parks and Recreation Department is looking for students and coaches interested in taking part in this educational non-profit program.

What is the cost?
Rising Stars (PreK-Grade 2) $20
Elementary (Grade 3-5), Middle (6-8), Secondary (9-12) $50
What dates do you need to know?
Registration is due by October 12 through Poland Parks and Recreation Department at

Teams will meet mid November to the end of March.
There are two local team events as well as a State Celebration at Bangor H.S. in March.
What does coaching a team entail?

Volunteering your time to facilitate a group of up to 7 students. *If your child enrolls and you coach their team, their enrollment is waived for PreK-2 and reduced to $25 for grades 3-12.

Find a meeting place such as a classroom (we can help you set this up).
You can choose to coach with a partner.
Read the materials provided by DI and go along for the ride

Destination Imagination in Poland, Minot and Mechanic Falls is directed by Nicole Fox, grade 6 classroom teacher from PCS. She can be reached at with questions from parents or potential coaches.