RFP Road Centerline Painting

RFP Centerline Painting

The Town of Poland is seeking proposals for painting projects for spring 2018. Companies submitting bids must submit them in sealed envelopes with “Centerline Painting Bid” clearly printed on the exterior. Proposals must include contractor’s name, address, phone(s), contact person, and proof of adequate insurance, as well as a price per project area.  The enclosed bid form must be used, and bidders must observe all required state and federal laws and policies. Please price each road separately. It is the Town’s full intent to have the listed work completed; however, some roads may be omitted due to funding limitations or later paving work.

All inquiries regarding bids should be directed to Public Works Director, Adam Strout, at 998-2570 email astrout@polandtownoffice.org.  Proposals must be delivered and clearly marked “Centerline Painting Bid” to Poland Town Manager, Town of Poland, 1231 Maine Street, Poland, ME, 04274 or by email at mgarside@polandtownoffice.org no later than 11:00am, Thursday, May 31, 2018, at which time they will be opened and read publicly in the Town Office conference room.   The Board of Selectmen will consider proposals on Tuesday, June 5, 2018 at 7:00pm in the Town Office conference room.  The Town of Poland reserves the right to reject any or all bids.

Description of Course

The work shall consist of centerline painting.  All work shall be constructed as outlined in this contract and as directed by the municipal representative.

Project Locations/Descriptions

  1. Four-inch (4”) double yellow centerline on the following roads:


  1. Plains Road – 3 miles in length (approximately 15,840 LF)


  1. North Raymond Road – 2.7 miles in length (approximately 14,256 LF)


  1. Hackett Mills Road – 1 mile in length (approximately 5,280 LF)


  1. Lewiston Junction Road– 1 mile in length (approximately 5,808 LF) 


  1. Hardscrabble Road – 2.2 miles in length (approximately 11,616 LF)


  1. Schellinger Road – approximately 11,088 LF


  1. Range Hill Road – approximately 10,032 LF


  1. Johnson Hill Road – approximately 17,952 LF


  1. Tripp Lake Road – approximately 6,850 LF


  1. Herrick Valley Road – approximately 9.500 LF


Aggregate Linear Feet:  The following represents approximate linear footage for bid comparison purposes, and is subject to change:





  1. The centerline shall be painted road-center from curb or edge of bituminous pavement.


  1. Paint thickness must be a minimum of fifteen (15) mils and beaded at the rate of one hundred eighty (180) pounds per mile.


  1. Paint material must meet MDOT specifications.


  1. The application and materials must meet the specifications as set forth by the Town of Poland.


  1. Contractor shall protect the work until the paint has had adequate time to dry.
  2. All centerline striping will be installed by a truck-mounted striper.


The Successful Bidder must have all necessary traffic warnings, signs, flags, and cones to ensure the safety of its workers and the traveling public.

Time Schedule

Hardscrabble Road and approximately a 1/2 mile of North Raymond road may not be painted until paving is completed most likely in August. All other roads must be completed on or before July 15, 2018.The firm awarded the bid shall contact the Director of the Public Works Department at (207) 998-2570 as soon as possible after the contract is awarded to advise him of the firm’s schedule so a Public Works employee may be assigned to assist with project coordination.

1.      Pre-inspection- Each Contractor, before submitting an offer, shall become completely familiar with the required work and shall rely on his own investigation. The municipal representative will be available to have the site/sites proposed for painting inspected. No consideration will be granted for any alleged misunderstanding of the material to be furnished, the work to be done, or for any defects in the final product that are the result of the absence of pre-inspection of a site.

2.      Right to Change or Additional Work- The municipality reserves the right to submit change orders in writing to the Contractor. In that event, the municipality will negotiate with the Contractor to determine the new costs.3.      Clean-up- At the completion of painting, each site shall be left in a neat and clean condition, subject to approval of the municipal representative.4.      Insurance- The Contractor shall have and maintain liability insurance that is in force until the work is completed and accepted by the municipalities. The Contractor shall furnish, to the municipality, a certificate of insurance, within two weeks of notice to the Contractor of the acceptance of its offer. The failure to provide this certificate will constitute a breach of the Contract, and may in the discretion of the municipality; result in termination of the Contract.  The Contractor shall furnish to the municipality a copy of an insurance policy within one month of notice to the Contractor of the acceptance of its offer.5.      Warranties- The Contractor guarantees that the work to be done under this contract and the materials to be furnished by the supplier for use in the construction of the same will be free from defects or flaws. This warranty shall be for a period of one year from the date of completion.6.      Indemnification- To the fullest extent permitted by law, the Contractor shall indemnify and hold harmless the municipality, and their agents, and employees against all claims, damages, losses and expenses, including, but not limited to, attorneys' fees arising out of or resulting from the performance of the work regardless of standard of care. This indemnification extends to all costs and all attorneys' fees incurred by the municipality.7.      Notice of Acceptance - The Contractor will be notified in writing by the municipality of the acceptance of its offer in whole, or in part, within five (5) business days of when it has been accepted. Failure to comply with this notice requirement shall constitute a breach of the Contract. An offer cannot be accepted verbally.8.      Rejection of Offers- The municipality reserves the right to reject any or all proposals whenever such rejection is in their best interest. The municipality reserves the right to reject the proposal of a Contractor who has previously failed to perform properly or to complete on time contracts of a similar nature. The municipality also reserves the right to reject a proposal from a Contractor if an investigation shows that the Contractor is not in a position to perform the Contract.9.      Payment- The municipal representative shall make payment in full after completion, inspection and acceptance.