Chipman’s Farm and Farm Stands Chosen as Business of the Quarter

Business of the Quarter

The Poland Community and Economic Development Committee voted Chipman’s Farm and Farm Stands as the Business of the quarter to be in the spotlight for the 2nd quarter of 2018 - April, May, and June.

Did you know that Chipman’s Farm has been around since 1781 and now has the 8th generation of the Chipman family helping to manage the farm and fields in Poland and Minot and (4) four farm stands in Poland Spring, Gray, Raymond and Windham!

“Chipman’s Farm …. is one of Maine’s oldest business’s that is still run by the same family. We started out as primarily a dairy farm until at age 16 Doug started growing a small amount of sweet corn and cucumbers to sell at a farm stand located here on the farm (in Poland). His dedication and love of farming has increased the crop production to 65 acres of mixed fruit and vegetables, with 6 of those acres dedicated to pick your own strawberries. 90% of our produce is sold directly through our 3 farm stands.”

Doug along with his wife Elaine, and their 8th generation daughters Tomi Marie and Alana work hard together as a team to keep the farm productive and strong for future generations.

“…. We truly love what we do and feel fortunate to be among the small amount of farms in Maine that are just not surviving, but thriving.” 

“We get up early each morning to ensure that you are getting the best product we can provide. We can tell you exactly when it was picked and who picked it that day. Our goal is to bring you fresh produce daily in the most sustainable way possible. Our produce is never held in storage or delivered in a trailer truck that has spent hours in transit.”

Chipman’s Farm is one of the most diversified farms in the state of Maine and at the peak of the season will employ over 40 employees.

The Chipman family name has been a staple in our community for many years. Thank you also to Sonny and Mary Chipman for their contribution to Poland and their loyalty and dedication to the Poland Historical Society and various other Poland community programs. We appreciate this devoted family and look forward to many more years of fresh fruits and vegetables!

For more information about Chipman’s Farm and farm stands, hours and locations – visit them on the web at