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Frequently Asked Questions
1.      What information must I provide in order to obtain a building permit?
To see the list of information required for a building permit, see page two of the Residential Building Permit. We highly recommend contacting the Code Enforcement Office two weeks before you plan on starting a project.

2.      When is a building permit actually required?
A building permit is necessary whenever the scope of work involves construction, alteration, enlargement or demolition of a structure.  As a general rule, whenever the proposed work affects: structural features (either adding or removing), alterations to the layout of rooms or spaces, change of building use, or alteration to building elements which are regulated by the Code, a permit is required.  Renovations that are primarily cosmetic in nature such as painting, flooring, paneling/trim work, etc., do not require a permit.  Items that can be considered a repair, such as replacing loose siding, guardrails, balusters, etc., do not require a permit.   In all cases we highly recommend that individuals call us when planning to undertake a project that we may provide a determination as to whether a building permit is necessary.

3.      How much does a permit cost?
Permit fees vary depending on the type of permit. We recommend checking the Fee schedule to get a more detailed description of fees. Building permit fees are based on the estimated cost of work, not square footage.

4.      Is my lot a conforming lot?
When asked this question, the Code Enforcement Office will research the property to determine if the lot meets the minimum lot frontage, depth and size requirements. They will also research whether the buildings existing on the lot meet the zoning district’s particular setback, lot coverage and bulk requirements.  If the lot is non-conforming, the staff will research whether any variances have been granted for the property and whether the lot is legally conforming or non-conforming. In general, non-conforming properties/structures will be considered “legally non-conforming” if they were constructed/created in accordance with the standards in place at that time.  A legally non-conforming structure will be allowed to remain indefinitely. Should the structure be destroyed/removed, then any new structure will need to meet the current standards for that particular zoning district. Space and Bulk standards for each zone can be found in section 507.2 of the Comprehensive Land Use Code.

5.      What zone am I located in?
This is best answered by the Code Enforcement Officer, however you can also check the Zoning Map.

6.      When do I need an Electrical Permit?
Electrical permits are required for the installation of wires and fixtures for new construction, additions to existing structures and repairs to structures that alter the existing wiring.

7.      How do I obtain an electrical Permit?
Permits can be obtained at the Town Office Monday through Thursday, 9 am to 4 pm. Or you can fill out the online Electrical Permit Application and e-mail it to the administrative assistant. The permit is not issued until payment is received.

8.      Do I need a license to perform electrical installations?
The owner of a single-family owner-occupied dwelling may perform all electrical work (without a license) within their dwelling.  All appropriate permits and inspections shall be obtained. Only an appropriately licensed electrician may perform installations in multi-family dwellings, commercial, and industrial properties.  It is a “class E crime” to perform electrical installations in the aforementioned areas without appropriate licensure.

9.      What edition of the National Electrical Code is used by the Town of Poland?
The Town of Poland has adopted the NFPA 70, (National Electrical Code).

10.     Can I subdivide my property?
It depends on how the property is zoned.  Each zoning classification has minimum lot frontage, depth and size requirements found in section 507.2 of the Comprehensive Land Use Code. For more information about subdivision please contact the Code Enforcement Office.

11.     What types of businesses can I operate on my property?
Every property in the Town of Poland falls into a zoning district.  Each zoning district has a list of uses that are appropriate to that particular zoning classification. The Comprehensive Land Use Code outlines “permitted uses” that are allowed by right and uses that may be acceptable in section 506.2.

12.     Is my property within a floodplain?
It depends where the property is located. The Code Enforcement Office maintains flood maps that illustrate where flooding occurs within the “100 year flood zone”.

13.     I own (or operate) a food establishment in the Town of Poland, and understand there are new guidelines (Food Code) adopted by the State.  Where can I get a copy of these new rules and regulation?
The Food Code is available from the State.  For a complete copy of the 2001 State of Maine, Food Code, contact the Eating and Lodging Program at (207) 287-5671 or download a copy from: